Library Usage Recovering

Based on July 2020 data from the Larkspur Library, the library’s physical media usage is recovering and the virtual services have grown since the start of the shutdown in March 2020:

  • Print, Audio and DVD Circulation: 4,973 in July 2020 down from 10,551 in July 2019 (down 53%)
  • Ebook Circulation (Overdrive only): 3,110 up in July 2020 up from 1,998 in July 2019 (up 56%)
  • Programming events: 40 Zoom events, 404 live attendees, 2,905 online views

TCF and the Library’s management agree that improved communications will get the message out about curbside pickup, so physical media should continue to recover. In addition, improved communications will also grow the demand for virtual services and ebooks.

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