Here you’ll find information on the proposed new modern library, community center and public square.  Collectively known as The Commons, these vital community resources will be located on the corner of Rose Lane and Doherty Drive, Larkspur. The location is ideal, being close to five schools and a short stroll to the Lark Theater and downtown businesses. The vision is to build The Commons in three phases, as funds allow. This promises to be a dynamic hub for all the communities in the greater Ross Valley. Please explore our site to learn about our vision and how you can get involved. 

Campaign Status

$5M Goal by 12/31/22

$3,045,236 Total Capital Campaign Unrestricted Cash and Pledges (as of 5/12/22)
$2,687,698 Unrestricted Cash
$357,538 Pledges
$650,000 Restricted Cash

Gift Matching Programs

TCF has launched two separate gift matching programs for 2022: the Community Match for $1,000 up to $49,999 gifts (which has been completed as of 3/14/22); and the Lerner-Berkemeier Challenge for gifts $50,000 and above. These two programs enable donors to immediately double their gift through the sponsored match, and potentially double it again with the State Matching Grant.

Matching Program Status (as of 3/29/22)

Lerner-Berkemeier Challenge
$1M Challenge Match
$350,000 New Funds Raised
$700,000 Total Funds Raised
$650,000 LB Challenge Funds Remaining

Community Challenge Met!
$126,000 Challenge Match
$126,000 Qualifying cash and pledges received

$252,000 Total Funds Raised

We are grateful to our sponsors:The Larkspur Library Foundation (who graciously matched  $100,000), former Larkspur City Council  member Larry Chu, and Katherine & Brendhan  Green, and all the donors that provided their support for this match.

If you would like to offer a matching challenge of $25K or more to inspire others to support the new library, please contact:

A Decision Is Coming

TCF needs to raise $5M to support the city building the best possible modern library.

The City of Larkspur submitted its $10.4 million matching grant request to the state in March for a $5.2 million maximum state matching grant. Currently the state plans to make notifications of awards in Spring or Summer 2022.. The Larkspur City Council is expecting to use up to $5 million raised by The Commons Foundation (TCF) from private sources as funds to match the state grant.

Realistically the city of Larkspur has three possible scenarios:
• The state matches the city grant request at $5.2 million;
• The state provides a smaller grant; or
• The state provides no grant funds at all.

The decision coming for the people and City of Larkspur is how best to take advantage of the state matching grant and minimize the downside risk to the city and the community. In all three scenarios, the city has the best chance of building a modern library that meets the community’s needs if TCF has raised $5M for the project.

Enabling Community

A modern Library with outdoor program space and a covered ramada for viewing Mt. Tam creates an opportunity and location for all of our communities to congregate and grow. Read More

Having a Multi-Generational Impact

Whether you care about education, culture,  generational programming, or community opportunities, the new modern library is being developed for everyone. Read More…

Designated non-profit partner of City

Designated non-profit partner of City to raise $5M in funds for building Phase 1 of the new modern library at The Commons.   Read More…


June 2 Donor Appreciation Event

See the interview of Scott Lockard, AIA, Lockard Creative, who created our drawings for the Commons and our new modern library.

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