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Double and Double Again Your Gift: TCF Matching Programs

TCF has launched two separate gift matching programs for 2022, the Community Challenge for $1,000 up to $49,999 gifts, and the Lerner-Berkemeier Challenge for gifts $50,000 and above. These two programs enable donors to immediately double their gift through the sponsored match, and potentially double it again with the State Matching Grant

Community Challenge
$1,000 up to $49,999

$1 for $1 match

Cash and Pledges Matches $1,000 to $49,999

Pledge due over two years

$126,000 available for match as of 1/10/22

Sponsors include The Larkspur Library Foundation (who graciously will match up to $100,000 for qualifying cash donations), former Larkspur City Council member Larry Chu, and Katherine & Brendhan Green

Mail to: Post Office Box 846, Larkspur, CA 94977 or donate online.

L-B Challenge
$50,000 and above

$1 for $1 Match

Cash and Pledges over two years matched

$1 Million Challenge, $750,000 remaining for match as of 1/31/22

Sponsored by Lori Lerner and Terry Berkemeier

New major donors include: an anonymous donor, Ann Batman in honor of Richard Batman, Karen and Ramsey Jishi, Tina McArthur and Richard Rubenstein, and Larkspur City Council member and former mayor Catherine Way and her husband Lawrence.

To make a L-B Challenge Match Donation please contact:

Joe Jennings, President, The Commons Foundation

Serena M. D’Arcy-Fisher, Campaign Counsel


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Make a Gift of Securities

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds is quick, surprisingly simple and may provide you with significant tax benefits.

There are three easy steps to giving:

Step 1

Send us an e-mail at  to give us your name, address and gift information.

Step 2

We will send you our broker stock transfer information. Please watch your email for a response from


Step 3

The Commons Foundation will sell the stock and send a you tax receipt using the contact information you provide.  Your gift of securities to TCF is valued at an average of the low and high trading prices on the date of the gift. 

You receive the potential deduction for the amount of the charitable donation, and you don’t pay capital gains tax on the sale.


For further information please contact:

Joe Jennings, President, The Commons Foundation

Serena M. D’Arcy-Fisher, Campaign Counsel