Lets Get Our New Library Built!

Lets Get Our New Library Built!

I am writing to ask you to not take for granted the good news of recent months of possible City funding sources for the new Larkspur Library. 


Recent good news includes: 

  • The City has received a $1M State grant for the library; 
  • The City intends to apply for a new State matching grant in February; 
  • The City Manager has identified between $6-10M from City and private sources (including $1.8 M from The Commons Foundation (TCF)); and 
  • The City Council intends to move the library permanently to The Commons at Rose Lane.

We must be aware that there are competing needs for City funds and there is no guarantee of the State matching grant. Thus, TCF will continue its campaign to raise $5M with your help to build a new modern library.  

It is important to grow the momentum we have gained over the past three years to build the best modern library we can. These funds will enable the City to build the best building, square and parking possible, lessen our dependence on other funds, increase political support, and make additional funds received additive but not essential.

We have pledges and cash of $1.8M. We need to raise an additional $3.2M by December 2022. Cash and pledges raised before February can be included in the City’s application for the State matching grant.

Please consider making as large a gift as possible to The Commons Foundation to fund and build a new modern library. This is a transformational opportunity to create a public space that will serve the community for generations. 

If you can make a significant tax-deductible gift before the end of this year or as part of a pledge made in early 2022, please contact me, Joe Jennings, President, The Commons Foundation, info@thecommonsatlarkspur.org or go to our website for more information on donating and pledging, www.thecommonsatlarkspur.org/donate/.

I am very thankful for your help and support this year as we work toward the realization of a new modern library for the community. 

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