Update on New Library at The Commons

Update on New Library at The Commons

At the City Council meeting, Wednesday 2/16/22 City Manager Dan Schwarz provided an update on the status of the State Library grant application. The takeaways:

· Due to new state guidelines the city will be applying for a 6-7,000 SF building

· The likely city grant request to the state will be for a 50% match of $2.5-3.5M

How this impacts TCF and the new library at The Commons:

· TCF still needs to raise $5M by 12/31/22. The uncertainty of the state grant amount does not change our goal.

· If the state funds are received, then the city can build a larger facility. The state says that they will begin issuing grants in late spring 2022.

How does this impact the TCF challenge funds?

· The LB Challenge and the Community Challenge will match any donation above $1,000.

The State may match some or all of donations received before March 15.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Click the link below to watch the entire Council Meeting

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