We Can Do This!

How We Can Get a New Library Built

Today’s plan enables future growth.  A core library facility can be funded, built, and later expanded to include additional meeting spaces, public square and community center.  This project will be constructed by the City using a bid-build basis to control costs.

NOTE: Today’s estimates are based on historic cost models for similar buildings and stated in today’s dollars.

Getting Started

Phase One Includes:
  • 5,000 sq ft modern library
  • 3,250 Outdoor program space
    • Fenced children’s patio (1,250 sq ft)
    • Ramada (2,000 sq ft)
  • Modern California Mission style
  • 15 Car & bicycle parking
  • Display space for history & art
  • Park-like setting
  • Outdoor seating
  • $5 Million estimated cost

Future Phase – Add Public Square and Increase Parking

This phase completes the library, adds the public square and increases parking.

  • Adds 5,000 sq ft to the phase 1
    Library for a total of 10,000 sq ft
  • Expanded library space and meeting rooms
  • Public Square
  • Tower
  • Vehicle turnaround
  • Increases parking to 40 spaces
  • $5 Million estimated cost

Future Phase – Community Center

This phase adds a new community center and increases parking.

  • Adds a 10,000 sq ft facility
  • Auditoriums that can be divided into smaller meeting rooms
  • Supports Parks and Recreation programming

  • Cultural events and exhibits
  • Historical archive and displays
  • Increases parking to 60 spaces
  • $10 Million estimated cost