Help Us Build Our New Library

Our Vision:

The vision we have for our modern library enables future growth. This innovative facility can be funded, built, and later expanded to include additional meeting spaces, public square, and community center.  The project will be constructed by the City using a bid-build basis to control costs.

Phase One:

  • 5,000 sq ft modern library
  • 3,250 Outdoor program space
  • Fenced children’s patio (1,250 sq ft)
  • Ramada (2,000 sq ft)
  • Modern California Mission style
  • 15 Car & bicycle parking
  • Display space for history & art
  • Park-like setting
  • Outdoor seating
  • $5 million estimated cost

Phase Two:  

This phase completes the library, adds the public square and increases parking.

  • Adds 5,000 sq ft to the phase 1 Library for a total of 10,000 sq ft
  • Expanded library space and meeting rooms
  • Public Square
  • Tower
  • Vehicle turnaround
  • Increases parking to 40 spaces
  • $5 million estimated cost

Future Phase:  

This phase adds a new 10,000 sq ft community center and increases parking

  • Connects to the library through the Ramada
  • Auditoriums that can be divided into smaller meeting rooms
  • Supports Parks and Recreation programming
  • Cultural events and exhibits
  • Historical archive and displays
  • Increases parking to 60 spaces
  • $10 million estimated cost