The Library is Moving Out of City Hall

In November 2021, the City Council definitively decided to permanently move Larkspur Library functions to The Commons, located at the corner of Rose Lane and Doherty Drive.

According to the City the current City Hall and Library building are seismically unsafe, presents insurmountable accessibility challenges, lacks sufficient parking, and is experiencing rapid deterioration of its life safety and other building systems.

The Larkspur Library operates within the confines and restrictions of the architecture of City Hall. The current library includes 3,230 square feet to serve the public and house the library’s collection; a 970-square foot multipurpose room (that is often not available for programming due to use by the City Council and administrative staff); 800 square feet of office space; and 1,845 square feet of support space (bathrooms, kitchen, foyer, storage, IT, hallways, etc.).

The city’s project team for the purposes of the grant application estimates that the cost of rehabilitation of the existing facility (which requires rehabilitating all of City Hall) is $18,465,162. Construction of a new library is estimated at $10,465,162.

The cost estimates for new construction have been completed by Kitchell (, an engineering firm well-versed in the construction of public buildings in our region, to help develop a budget for this project.

For further information:

City of Larkspur City Hall, Facility Condition Assessment March 18, 2022