Achieving the Dream

New Developments

  • 8/21 City announced need to vacate the City Hall building at 400 Magnolia (currently city government offices, council chambers and the library)
    • “Council provided feedback to staff on the condition of Larkspur City Hall and the options for renovating, rebuilding, or repurposing. It was the consensus of the Council to direct staff to focus on options in which library operations do not return to the City Hall building.”
  • 7/21 City received $1M State gift for library
  • 6/21 Announcement of State budget matching grant for libraries Read More

Where We Are Now

$3,045,236 in Pledges and Unrestricted Cash Raised of Our $5 Mil Goal
$5M Goal 61%

Campaign Status

$5M Goal by 12/31/22

$3,045,236 Total Capital Campaign Unrestricted Cash and Pledges (as of 5/12/22)
$2,687,698 Unrestricted Cash
$357,538 Pledges
$650,000 Restricted Cash

Lerner-Berkemeier Challenge (as of 5/13/22)
$1,000,000 Challenge Match
$350,000 New Funds Raised
$700,000 Total Funds Raised
$650,000 LB Challenge Funds Remaining (Restricted Cash)

Fundraising Team

  • Joe Jennings, Board President
  • Terry Berkemeier, Board Member
  • Jon Ellenzweig, Board Member, Treasurer
  • Jeanne Friedel, Board Member
  • Katherine Green, Board Member, Secretary
  • Chris Hartzell, Board Member
  • Cindy Winship, Board Member
  • Kristi Ellenzweig, Champion
  • Barbara Friday, Ambassador
  • Lori Lerner, Champion
  • Sally Bertuccelli McDonough, Champion
  • Dyan Pike, Ambassador
  • Mimi Sardou, Champion
  • Serena D’Arcy-Fisher, Fundraising Counsel

City & TCF Partnership

“The Larkspur City Council is pleased with the agreement and appreciates the substantial efforts of The Commons Foundation to support the creation of a new library and community center at Rose Lane,” stated Mayor Catherine Way. “The Commons Foundation has been instrumental in helping channel that energy into a concerted fundraising effort in support of a new building. We look forward to the next steps and to continuing our partnership through this process.”
The city is contributing a 2.4-acre parcel and has an approved master plan for its development as a new public facility.

The City has also given $150,000 to TCF and will provide program, planning and legal support for the construction of the facility.

On November 4, 2020, the Larkspur City Council unanimously voted to enter into a Letter of Intent (LOI) between the City of Larkspur and The Commons Foundation (TCF) to build a $5 Million Library building at the Rose Lane Community Facility parcel.

TCF has until November 2022 to raise at least $5 Million in cash and fulfilled pledges.

After fundraising is completed, the City will solicit bids to design and build a $5 Million facility, which will be designed to serve the dual purpose of a modern library and community meeting space.

It is anticipated that the building will serve as the first phase in a multi-phased approach to building a larger library and community center. The phased approach comes after review of multiple options to move forward with the development property. Based on analysis of the site location and its potential uses, the City has determined that a phased approach best meets the needs of the community.

Responsibilities and Milestones

  • TCF Initiates fundraising — 2020
  • City Confirms need to move Library out of City Hall — 2021
  • TCF Raises $5 Million — 2022
  • City Awards Design-Build Contract — 2022-3
  • City Manages Construction and Move in 2023-5
  • New Library Opens– 2025